Miami Monkey Assault On Reality

by Agitation Φ

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mossbrain Excellent. As the rhythmic processes of the body march along their predestined courses, the psychotropic additives produce cascading reactions with the cellular machinery giving birth to novel sound waves that interact and change in magnificent worlds of sound not experienced before.


First Earth Records is proud & honored to present an exclusive new album from one of the greatest contemporary live ritual free-impro acid rave noise cut-up dark psychedelia magick electronic artists in our era Agitation Φ

How long can you peel an onion? Agitation Phi is proud to announce arrival of Thee Miami Monkey. A live set was given to a small audience and taped on the night of solar dragon, Feb 19. / 20. 2016. Some were said to be abducted to space while others found themselves in a lucid trance erasing time and dancing to the earthy drum of the analog monkey.
Track 5 performed and taped at the day of Red Cosmic Serpent.


released February 23, 2016

All Sounds/Samples By Agitation Φ



all rights reserved


First Earth Records Dublin, Ireland

First Earth Records is a Dublin-based record label featuring artists from Ireland, England, Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Latvia, USA, Canada & Korea. The label works as an open network of collaborative artists creating everything from rock, electronica, psychedelia, jazz, and folk music. Thanks for listening!! :)

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