In the Middle O​.​V. 6

by Agitation Φ & Thee Uncondemning Monk

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"In the Middle O.V. 6” gathers and documents six recent experimental works by Agitation Phi and Thee Uncondemning Monk, two sound magicians pushing what it means to have musicality and to create ritualized chaos magic orientated soundworkings.

This First Earth Records release marks a celebration of life and the possibilities of networking.

These tracks represent a few of the modes in which we, Agitation Phi and Thee Uncondemning Monk, have been experimenting with-in. Here you will find takes of the various synth/electronic electric bass workings and mixings by Agitation Phi, as well as improvised electric/acoustic guitar(s)/vocal sounds and mixings by Thee Uncondemning Monk, all done in our one take off the cuff, ritual soundworking, as a form of psychick hygiene, tradition.

Each track moves towards new forms of sonic exploration and expression even when taking on familiar guises and modes, genres and styles.

We explore soundworkings as extended meditation and collaboration.

The tracks selected for you here are short in duration, when one considers that the average length of our collaborations are about a ½ hour in ‘standard time’ (how long that is to you depends on you). Hence we encourage you to take a look at our respective bodies of work.

With an ‘eye’ towards magic(k), we explore trance inducing possibilities of improvisation and repetition. We explore the effects of in-human impositions of processes and limitation upon sound. At times treating it as an object in itself, for-itself, as well as at once for others, to be sculpted, and re-sculpted, manipulated, and re-manipulated, only momentarily ‘done’ in the instances of its co-creator/listener’s experience. This is often done with complete disregard for ‘rules’ of musicality, washing out those internalized patterns – an operation that is not a cleansing, that neither purifies nor pollutes, but combines and recombines – takes flight – becomes monstrous in its wanderings that slide beyond familiarities names and yet knows the enchantment of the word ‘home.’

One begins and ends when it is finished, no predetermined frame is concocted beyond vague notions of short, long, extended, which become more meaningless as we forget and begin, again… capturing our first reactions, getting towards our rawest feelings and reactive thoughts, such that one might say, as we are saying, ‘this is the way in which we work,’ without predefined rules – or rather, we gather rules as tools to use, or not, as one wish, just as a well of experience and potential is tapped in the extended-moment o.v. creation. Where instruments and musical phrasings become magical wands or pentacles, an instrument finds its use, attracting the light of the moon, refracting through a bass guitar, lost self in a wandering meditate electric guitar flow, faces emerging and gone, as each tool becomes a device that creeps in and out, reveals as it conceals, never the same as it was, as it is, as it persists into time, these patterning(s) sonic – phrases and rephrasings – that develop and wash away... again and again.

As chaos magicians, we create spontaneous ceremonies with our notions, o.v. desire, o.v. intention, sometimes skrying forth to cause to appear in this site, as you cause to appear these traces you bring forth in time with each new play.

Sometimes we imagine and conceive of ourselves caught in a play of mirror gazes (often more than two mirrors, three pointed into thee other in such an impossible way). Exploring cut-up and fold in methods, furthered by fusing and slumping, creating what we consider sonic holotropic shards. In these processes the collaborators’ sounds become confused, entangled in a bungle of delusion, unable to pull one from the other without destroying the new unity they created, yet that unity is still able to undergo new transformation, at the behest of any other soundworkers. From these magical excursions in sound nonsense words and portmanteau slurs form magical names/markings/keys familiarizing strange worlds while undoing that which was familiar, lost in an mirror gazing into itself from another mirror gazing into themselves, such that -- them and um become “theum,” thee um and phi become “Rumbe Phi,” as we become with the sonic creatures we give life to, which give life to us, and offer up this life to life for new creatures and creations to be thereby, inviting others to enjoin and transform our works and worlds, as we in turn transform with and again in a becoming that finds enjoyment in playing with its own alterity.

And to that aeffect we do hope you enjoy and enjoin with us… we invite you to enjoy and enjoin with us via our work known as Thee Network. Thee Network is a trans-humane mesh network, a decentralized nonorganization working to solve the algebra of need, as articulated by William S. Burroughs, for our individual and thereby collective autonomy and sovereignty: TheeNetwork.Net


released August 22, 2016

Agitation Phi (synth, electronic, bass guitar, effects, mixing):

Astarte 23 (cover art): (Art Work):
and (Soundwork):

Thee Uncondemning Monk (Vocals, Guitar):



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